Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Uk update

Alright, so I am still in the England and I haven't forgotten about you.

I am working at nando's at the moment as a host. It's alright, Im enjoying it for now. Wouldn't want to do it forever, too much loong hours on my poor sore feet.

Other than that, I am really enjoying England, people complain about the weather, but I rather enjoy it. Not sure for how long though. I managed to spend a day in London, walking around which was FUN, definitely want to do it again.

Anyway just a quick update on my part.

Cheers Mate

Thursday, November 13, 2008

My Very Goodly Flight to England

The long awaited day to leave for England came with a sudden rush. One minute I was waiting and the next I was on my way to England.

I managed to find a direct flight with AIR INDIA and much to my surprise there were mostly Indians on the plane :-0 It was a very interesting flight, I somehow got a seat right in front of the main door of the plane. I tried to rest my feet up on it, but they would not allow it, maybe because if I went any closer I might kick the door open. They said if I did that they would kick me off the plane immediately. I couldn't figure that out.

If you ever fly with Air India, I highly recommend you bring your ipod, it was pretty loud back there, felt like I was in a African taxi. I know its really cliche to say that "I had a kid kicking the back of my chair" but OMG this kid wouldn't stop kicking and singing his Bollywood songs.
Normally on the plane they offer you chicken or beef, but this time it was curry or chicken. Both I tried to avoid as much as possible. It would be horrible if I arrived with a friend Mr. D.

So other than that the flight was good, no turbulence and nothing too scary (other than the food).

Upon arrival, I had to go for an x-ray, which I did try to avoid, but without success obviously. Heathrow is huge and I only saw one Terminal, there are four more terminals there plus another bunch of airports in London. I must be honest so far I really enjoy the country. I haven't spoken to many Brits yet, but from what I can tell it seems pretty awesome. Its a big difference to where we were in the USA with open fields and everything big. Everything is small here, I now understand what they mean! If it helps at all, its like being in Observatory (Cape Town) with an New York City twist.

On the way home we stopped by a South African shop!!! Oh man how cool that was. Got some Wors, pronutro and Biltong. All of which I tried the first day. Tonights curry...
I think I have lost my accent a bit, because the guy who ran the shop, had such a thick thick accent that it made me feel out. I'm going to have to work on that. We will see what's going to happen now with the british influence.

Apparently hell is very bloody and alot of people have been there, because that's what everyone seems to be saying.

"Oh! Bloody Hell!"

I'm really excited about letting everyone know everything happening here, so stay tuned, sign up for updates tell your friends and leave you comments.
Talk to you all very soon.



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